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Modernizing VB6 Desktop Application Into a Web-Based Modern Platform for a Managed Healthcare Provider

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Executive Summary

A nationwide, independent leader in personalized managed healthcare headquartered in the midwestern United States sought consulting and technical support for a legacy system rewrite. The existing application was a VB6 desktop installation and was selected for modernization due to lapsed end of support cycles and an organizational enterprise architecture modernization initiative.

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The Challenge: Rewriting and transforming a custom-built legacy application

The company required transformative technology expertise to modernize its patient management application. The goal was to rewrite the application – which was custom-built and used for day-to-day business operations – into a web-based, modern platform that would be easily deployable across all facilities. The company also needed the work done quickly since the application was no longer supported.

The Solution: Coding an accelerator library to fast-track production

The company partnered with Judge Consulting, a division of The Judge Group, for its strategic approach to problem-solving and technology industry expertise. JCG custom-built framework code (accelerator library) to fast-track production. The accelerator libraries contained existing code written to cover many common and complex software needs. JCG wrote the code in .NET and Angular to provide the company’s IT professionals with programming languages found across the company’s systems. With this foundation set, existing IT professionals and contractors brought on by JCG could efficiently conduct additional development for specific features and custom design. The accelerators provided 30% of the development work needed for the project on day one.

The Result: Rewritten application deployed across all facilities

With the help of the accelerator library, rewriting the application was completed quickly and enabled the company to deploy the application across its facilities. The application’s design was ideal for deployment to the internal environment as it was written to adhere to HIPAA regulations and was designed to be securable with Citrix. Using a new accelerator called the Forms Engine, JCG reduced the effort even more to a point where the back end of the application could continue running while only the front end required rewriting. The company was extremely satisfied with the relative ease of the project and would partner with Judge Consulting again for other digital initiatives.

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