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One Smart Cookie: Customized Testing Automation

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Executive Summary

Insomnia Cookies, a retail baking company offering cookies, brownies, cookie cakes, and even cold milk and ice cream through their e-commerce website and mobile apps wanted to improve the customer experience through their website and mobile apps. With more than 135 stores across the U.S., the client wanted to replicate its in-store customer service experience through its digital sales to ensure a consistent and quality customer experience.

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The Challenge: Assessing the quality of different e-commerce platforms

Insomnia Cookies planned to revamp its existing e-commerce website and mobile apps to drive more sales and to improve the customer experience on the website and mobile apps. This was a challenging endeavor for the client as they had never managed any testing infrastructure previously. Insomnia’s leadership team contacted The Judge Group to assess the quality of the e-commerce website and mobile applications until the final launch.

The goal was to release a quality application at speed and to enhance user experience across web and mobile platforms.

The Solution: Comprehensive and customized platform testing solutions

Our Judge India team studied the existing development and QA environment for Insomnia’s e-commerce website and mobile apps. Judge India’s QA Center of Excellence implemented a dedicated bench model with manual and automation test engineers along with an agile project coach as project leader to achieve several deliverables.

Judge India combined several automation tools to derive the benefits of each one of them while circumventing their weaknesses to prepare a testing suite to test the website and mobile application. In addition, exploratory testing of the client’s admin site, following the behavior-driven development approach, for Laravel migration was undergone. iOS app automation testing framework was also developed and conducted on the virtual environment to automate test cases both on simulators and iOS real devices as well as to explore tools to implement and integrate. The Judge India team resolved all usability, functional, performance, and security issues that arose from automation testing of the website and native apps.

The Result:

Judge India was able to solve these issues and help Insomnia Cookies reduce the test processing time by 60%, add hundreds of additional test cases without affecting schedules, and keep test cycles under control. In addition, Judge India was able to increase the reliability, availability, and stability of the client’s application while decreasing the time necessary to get up and running.

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