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Pharmaceutical Leader Providing Shingles Vaccines Seeks Digital Transformation to Return to Pre-Pandemic Growth

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Executive Summary

A global pharmaceutical manufacturer who excelled in delivering shingles vaccines to the over-50 patient population, was experience a decline in those patients getting vaccinated post-pandemic. The client sought out Judge Consulting for its expertise in data-driven decision-making and visualization capabilities to support improving provider education and ultimately improving vaccination rates.

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The Challenge: The Impact of Shingles Vaccine Neglect

A significant challenge for this pharmaceutical manufacturer, with specialty products tailored to the 50 years or older demographic, is the disregard of the shingles vaccine. In the battle against the global pandemic, the prioritization of COVID vaccinations and essential medical care inadvertently led to the neglect other critical vaccines. A major hurdle arose as the eligible patient population exhibited reluctance when faced with multiple vaccination options. The lack of awareness surrounding multiple vaccinations during a single visit was not prominent and prevented many from accessing the shingles vaccine. While the focus was rightly centered on the immediate threat of COVID-19, the repercussions of neglecting preventive measures for conditions like shingles have now surfaced as long-term health concerns.

The Solution: A Data-Driven Approach to Enhance Vaccine Distribution and Boost Product Sales

Since 2014, Judge Consulting has been actively involved in many aspects of the client’s adult vaccines marketing and sales operations, focusing on digital transformation. Judge was engaged to support the client’s critical initiatives aimed at boosting product sales, particularly in the administration of shingles vaccines. Partnering closely with the client’s global vaccines team, Judge spearheaded the development of data-driven tools tailored for their sales teams. These tools were designed to offer geographically and demographically specific insights into adult vaccinations, while adhering to all FDA regulated standards.

Collaborating with healthcare providers, Judge facilitated the establishment of goals and benchmarks to improve the distribution of shingles vaccinations among adult patients. Judge harnessed a combination of private and public data sources and a detailed data analysis, delivered through a custom application. This app provided the granular details needed to have targeted data driven conversations between the client’s sales team and local providers. Judge was able to use its expertise with FDA “promotional material” compliance to quickly meet the regulatory standards and gain FDA approval for use of the application. The application was seamlessly integrated into the Veeva CRM platform, providing a comprehensive solution for optimizing sales strategies and improving the administration of shingles vaccines.

The Result: Driving Success and Increasing Vaccination Rates through Collaboration on Vaccine Administration and Sales

Collaboration between Judge Consulting and the pharmaceutical company’s global vaccines team resulted in significant progress in boosting product sales and improving the administration of the shingles vaccine. By utilizing the new application in discussions with healthcare providers, the client’s sales team saw a 150% increase in call time regarding the vaccine.

Judge’s experience with the client’s adult vaccines marketing and sales operations has paved the way for this successful digital transformation. The application offers detailed demographics on patients needing the vaccine down to the state, city, and town level. The app launched in the US in 2022 and has now been introduced in additional global markets. The success of these data-driven applications underscores the expertise Judge has provided within the pharmaceutical sector and the deep knowledge of FDA Regulatory requirements.