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Providing Insight and Process with Judge's StaffingLogic Vendor Management Solutions

Executive Summary

An international company offering clinical agents and tools to the healthcare industry needed a solution to manage their contingent workforce program and provide real-time metrics and visibility into spend.

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The Challenge: Providing insight, process, and budget management

The company’s contingent labor program had struggled due to its complexity – leading to low visibility into the program and a lack of measurable metrics. The company was engaged with numerous providers but did not have a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or Vendor Management Solution (VMS). The direct involvement necessary to manage the vendors took managers and human resource teams away from their main duties and responsibilities, wasting valuable resources. Working with multiple vendors also exaggerated the time hiring managers were involved in administering staffing procedures. The company was estimating annual spending on contingent labor and working with unverified numbers. The company realized that while they had a feel for the monies spent, they were not able to track exact numbers, which prohibited them from accurately pricing assignments.

Additionally, the company lacked a reliable business tracking method, making it exceedingly difficult to confirm and evaluate the quality of service provided by its various vendors. The time required to source, review, and engage the right candidates was extensive and not sustainable, considering the increasing number of temporary staff. The time-consuming nature of the existing program was not isolated to hiring managers and human resources but also trickled down to supporting departments such as accounts payable. Due to the number of vendors and manual approach, the company processed multiple invoices and sent several payments on a weekly basis. With a growing program, high-level requirements, and a corporate reputation amongst the best in the business, it was important for the company’s contingent labor program to mirror the spirit of innovation, learning, and performance reflected in its core business.

The Solution: A VMS to provide real-time visibility and automation

The Judge Group’s StaffingLogic team conducted a thorough analysis (Impact Study) of the company’s contingent labor workforce, preferred suppliers, active contractors, forecasts of future needs, and current procurement process. Based on this evaluation, the StaffingLogic team determined that its VMS would be able to drastically improve current procedures and performance while freeing up the company’s staff to focus on their core responsibilities. StaffingLogic designed a customized solution within its VMS to meet the company’s specific focus areas and stated goals by streamlining and automating the routine tasks associated with creating a requisition, approvals, sourcing quality workers, reviewing and interviewing candidates, and hiring and engaging contractors.

During the implementation, StaffingLogic worked with the company’s accounting department to integrate consolidated billing and payment for their contingent workforce. It was during this process that they were able to eliminate multiple weekly invoices and achieve full real-time visibility. This helped the company to realize that the actual annual spend was nearly double their estimated annual spend. Additionally, the application interface provides visibility into the company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, providing an easy, fast, and accurate way to process timecards each week, thus preventing human error.

The Result: An innovative contingent labor program aligned with excellence

Through tracked and measured metrics, the company can now evaluate each supplier on various metrics. StaffingLogic can use these metrics to provide better guidance on spend/utilization trends, estimated cost savings and avoidance, skill utilization, and supplier scorecards, through Quarterly Business Reviews. StaffingLogic was able to provide real-time visibility into spend, automate the entire procurement process from req-to-check, successfully roll out consolidated invoicing and payments, and ensure vendor accountability through a monitored performance process. By implementing StaffingLogic’s VMS, the company drove its contingent labor program to align with its commitment to excellence and innovation.

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