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Solving Real Estate Compliance Needs Through Dynamic Resourcing and Instructional Design

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Executive Summary

A leading real estate services company partnered with Judge to implement a dynamic resourcing approach to updating customer engagement materials to remain industry compliant. The company achieved legal compliance and operational continuity through flexible staffing and cost-efficient project management.

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The Challenge: Updating Training Materials to Comply with Government Standards in Real Estate Regulation

A prominent real estate services company faced the challenge of updating and rebranding its training materials to adhere to the ever-evolving government regulations in real estate compliance. This comprehensive overhaul was necessary to maintain legal compliance and ensure the continuity of its operations. The task involved revising the content for clarity, particularly the sections guiding employee interactions with clients across all subsidiaries. With a pressing deadline, the company had to swiftly educate its workforce on new standards and integrate the refreshed brand identity into its sales training and customer support programs.

The Solution: A Strategic Approach to Allocate Talent and Resources

The company partnered with The Judge Group over an 18-month period on three collaborative projects, to equip its employees with knowledge about the latest standards and seamlessly incorporate the updated brand identity into sales training and customer support initiatives. The cornerstone of these engagements was dynamic resourcing, a strategic approach to allocate talent and resources more efficiently to a particular project, which offered a flexible allocation of hours, diverging from traditional staffing models or fixed-price contracts.  

Judge provided specialized resources for a predetermined number of hours, fostering a highly adaptable approach to meet the company’s evolving needs. This method proved to be particularly appealing to the company, as it allowed for effective management and control of the project workload with reduced hours, while also being a cost-efficient solution. 

 Throughout the three engagements with Judge, the company benefited from the expertise of instructional designers, including a senior instructional designer, and copywriters.  The subsequent collaborations utilized junior instructional designers and a copywriter, aligning with the reduced level of expertise required. These professionals were instrumental in implementing necessary changes and ensuring compliance with legal standards. The dynamic resourcing model was a testament to its flexibility, accommodating the company’s requirements without the commitment to full-time personnel for extended durations. 

The Results: Compliance Achieved

The company swiftly met their deadline and achieved compliance, leading to a long-term partnership with Judge. Demonstrating remarkable flexibility, Judge catered to the company’s specific needs by providing precisely the right resources at the right time. The dynamic resourcing approach, which supplied only the necessary hours, resulted in significant cost reductions. This efficiency transformed the project into a lean operation, enabling Judge to efficiently complete the work.  

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