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Telecommunications Giant Sought DevOps Engineer to Expand Into New Markets

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Executive Summary

An American multinational Fortune 500 telecommunications conglomerate headquartered in Philadelphia, PA wanted to expand into the smart TV and streaming markets. Despite being the second-largest broadcasting and cable company in the world by revenue, they had not yet broken into these markets. Secrecy was crucial, so as not to alert their competitors.

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The Challenge: Finding the right DevOps Engineer

Finding qualified DevOps Engineers to assist with the application development project presented a challenge. DevOps engineering skillsets are generally difficult to find and given the complexity and secrecy of the project, finding the right candidates was even more challenging. Should this project fail, the company would be unable to enter the smart TV and streaming markets, resulting in a loss of future revenue.

The Solution: A highly qualified candidate pool

The company hired The Judge Group for its proven track record of providing candidates with niche skills. Judge provided a selection of qualified candidates for the company to choose from. The candidate the company chose was a highly qualified DevOps engineer. This engineer was primarily responsible for assisting with developing streaming services for launch in October 2021 with the goal of ensuring it went as smoothly as possible across all platforms and applications. Additionally, the engineer was tasked with migrating existing data to a new platform to complement the future development and maintenance of technologies.

The candidate Judge provided has been an integral part of the client’s business since March 2021 and continues to play a pivotal role in maintaining and modernizing their services and technology.

The Result: Entering a new segment of the telecommunications market

The company launched its streaming service in partnership with a top retail and e-commerce giant. The company also partnered with Hisense to develop a smart TV available exclusively through the retail and e-commerce giant. The candidate Judge provided was able to navigate the development phase and support a successful launch of the streaming service for the client. Due to the success of this product launch, the company was able to break into a new segment of the telecommunications market.