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Transformative Learning Program Initiative for a Leading Electric Utility Corporation

Executive Summary

To enhance learning across three subsidiaries, a prominent electric utility corporation partnered with Judge Learning Solutions to conduct an in-depth needs analysis and design an effective integrated learning program. This initiative aimed to elevate learner experience, optimize training and operational resources, reduce seat time, and enhance customer satisfaction.

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The Challenge: Creating Unified Customer Service Training

A crucial need to replace an outdated billing system and implement a new one exposed the need for unified customer service training. Two subsidiaries were slated to adopt new software, requiring representatives to become experts within six months. However, the corporation lacked internal training resources and expertise, and creating new learning curricula from scratch didn’t align with cost-saving goals. A data-driven approach was necessary for the corporation to analyze existing training and make informed decisions to drive efficient change.

The Solution: A Comprehensive Learning Needs Analysis

The corporation partnered with Judge Learning Solutions (JLS), a division of The Judge Group, for strategic consulting and to analyze and design an integrated learning program. The corporation requested that the work be completed in three months. Over three months, Judge interviewed 51 stakeholders and reviewed 1,500 hours of training materials across 438 courses for 14 key roles. Using established criteria, Judge evaluated existing content, delivery methods, and learning objectives. The interviews further identified content gaps, such as missing or outdated topics.

Through collaborative analysis of the findings, Judge prioritized key skills and created comprehensive job profiles. This culminated in the development of curriculum maps and a Customer Service Representative (CSR) learning journey, accompanied by detailed recommendations for a unified learning strategy, all within the requested three-month timeframe.

The Result: A Roadmap for Success

The needs analysis unlocked key insights and propelled the corporation forward. Analyzing CSR roles revealed a surprising 76% commonality, informing strategic decision-making for future phases of work. Moreover, a comprehensive learning roadmap was created, outlining strategic milestones, sequencing, scope, modalities, customized assessment approaches, continuous coaching improvement strategies, and more. This eliminated content duplication and enabled cost savings through resource sharing across subsidiaries.

In a resounding endorsement of Judge’s strategic direction, the corporation onboarded four senior program managers to actualize the proposed initiatives, leveraging synergies across its subsidiaries to enhance cooperation. This milestone encapsulates a transformative chapter in the corporation’s evolution, laying the groundwork for sustained prosperity and expansion. Judge distinguished itself by sourcing adept leaders capable of navigating intricate challenges, thereby evolving from a vendor to a partner.

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