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5 Questions to Ask During a Job Interview (And Why!)

Let’s not kid ourselves: a simple job interview can be 30 of the most stressful minutes of your life! The good news is, you can avoid a fair amount of anxiety simply by preparing well.

Most interviews involve answering a long series of questions. Naturally, the way you answer these questions is an essential part of the interview process. And yet, too many interviewees overlook the questions they should be asking their interviewers.

Some benefits of asking great job interview questions include:

  • Showing that you’ve carefully thought about the position and the company
  • Gaining clarity about whether the role is the right fit for you
  • Becoming informed about the overall work environment; including co-workers, work culture, and leadership

This Q&A blog will assist you in deciding what questions to ask during a job interview. These questions can be used for multiple positions, and easily tailored to specific interviews. Let’s begin!

1. What is your favorite part about working for this company?

Starting with a positive question establishes a collaborative, healthy environment. Listen closely to their answer. Enthusiastic responses characterized by easy flow are a great sign. Consider vague answers, clear signs of hesitation, or a struggle to think of specific examples as potential red flags.

2. Can you tell me more about the day-to-day responsibilities of this position?

This is a great opportunity to learn more about the specifics of your potential role, and whether this is a job that you actually want! Answers to this question will also help you learn more about the specific skills and strengths needed for the job. You can build off this question with more pointed inquiries to gain insights about working hours, team environment, technology used, etc.

3. Are there opportunities for professional growth and development? If so, what do they look like?

Professional development is an important part of career growth, especially if you are looking for a career path with opportunity for upward mobility. These questions will help you to learn about how the company prioritizes professional growth and development. Use their responses to help you decide if the opportunity is well aligned with your career goals. Strong follow up questions include: (1) When was the last time someone was promoted from this position?, and (2) What does career advancement look like for this position?

4. Who would I be working most closely with?

This is an important question, because the people interviewing you might not be the colleagues you work with on a daily basis. If your interviewers will be members of your team, be sure to inquire about the rest of the team. If they are not part of your future team, ask questions about the size, makeup, and work style of the team. Asking these detailed questions will help you get a better sense of the work dynamic and what to expect of your collaborators on a daily basis. Ask for titles and names, along with how long they’ve been in their positions. It is important to evaluate how your team works, and how cross-functional the role is.

5. What do you think are some of the biggest challenges for someone in this position?

The answer to this question provides context around larger projects you might be a part of, or other company-wide initiatives. The question will also help you understand the potential challenges in your future, and decide whether they match your personal preferences. Also, learning about the team’s previous approaches to these problems (or their working strategy moving forward) can serve as valuable insight about your potential team’s readiness.

Conclusion: 5 Questions to Ask During a Job Interview (And Why!)

Remember - the interview session is not just for the company. It is also for you! If you are considering committing to a new job, you will want to learn as much as possible about the role, company, and the overall work environment. The questions you ask during a job interview will help you make informed decisions and show your interviewer that you are a thoughtful and dedicated candidate.

For more tips on preparing for your upcoming job interview click here.

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