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7 Steps to Virtual Networking (Infographic)

Professional networking during in-person events is back, and thankfully, it isn’t going away anytime soon! Yet thanks to a boost from the pandemic, virtual networking has firmly planted its stake in the ground as an important way to conduct business and build new acquaintances.

Given its heightened relevance, the question is, how does one become better at it? Here are some helpful tips!

(Click on the image below to view a larger version)

Key Takeaways: 7 Steps to Virtual Networking

In summary, there are many benefits to virtual networking. That’s why it’s important to get comfortable attending online events! Some of the most obvious include: joining discussion groups geared towards your interests, breaking the ice before interacting in person, increased freedom of engagement, and larger audiences to reach and connect with.

If you’re dragging your feet, it might be because you aren’t yet comfortable with the idea of speaking during networking events. In this case, start with small steps! Begin with listening, then asking one question, and finally, providing your professional opinion.

At the end of the day, virtual networking is a great way to increase your connections, enhance your professional growth, and achieve business goals. Nobody thinks virtual networking events will completely replace face-to face interactions, but it’s clear that they will continue to enrich professional interactions moving forward.

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