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Financial Lenders Need Qualified Staff — Judge Can Help!

In periods of economic uncertainty and a declining rate environment, consumers need help…and they need it fast.

In “normal” times, banks and lenders can look to historical seasonal demand for home loans and personal loans and prepare and staff accordingly. But interest rates change daily, and many factors can lead to a quick and unpredictable decline in rates and a spike in consumer demand. Many banks and lenders have experience handling a surge in loan application volume or calls to customer service and loan servicing. But, these days it’s a bit different.

Add a pandemic on top of already historically low lending rates, and we are witnessing a 79% increase in mortgage applications. Simply put, lending systems are becoming overwhelmed.

But great problems require great solutions, and Judge is ready to help!

The Solution: Judge Staffing Services

We are the Judge Group and “we make people and organizations better.” We’ve been growing for over 50 years now, so it’s safe to say we’ve lived up to the slogan!

Judge offers full funnel staffing solutions. Everything from recruiting to screening to on-boarding candidates. Our pool of professionals is both broad and deep, allowing our recruiters to identify the ideal candidates for your organization.

But we don’t stop there.

We also make sure every one of our candidates is trained on your policies and procedures. For Judge, finding the right candidate doesn’t stop at identification. Our team facilitates communication between your company and your new staff, alleviating as much of the administrative burden as possible. With Judge, you’ll know where things stand at every step of the process. Our track record speaks for itself.

What is our onboarding process?

Judge has developed a rapid onboarding and training process, completed by candidates in 1-2 weeks. We’ve designed our training modules to allow for fast tracked training and placement. Judge trains for critical skills with an eye on efficiency — maximizing your new staff’s ability to make an immediate impact. The goal is to add immediate value to your practice.

How do you get in touch with us?

You can find information about our services at Our staffing procedures are fast, customized, and flexible. We offer a wide range of services, so you’ll save time and resources by choosing us as your consultant. We are the 12th largest staffing firm in the nation, and we scale very fast.


Customers want experiences that are accessible, helpful, and easy to use. By providing high quality customer services, your company will build short term trust, and long-term customer relationships. To read more on this subject, see this article.

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