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Arm Virtual Hardware Center of Excellence

Unleash the Power of Hardware with Virtualized Freedom

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Arm + The Judge Group – an exclusive partnership to support your full-fledged testing functionality

Judge has partnered with Arm, the world’s leading provider of semiconductor IP and technology, to bring you the Arm Virtual Hardware Center of Excellence. This collaboration brings together Judge’s extensive expertise in technology consulting, staffing, and training with Arm’s cutting-edge virtual hardware to create powerful new possibilities for your business.

Why Judge?

Judge provides technology consulting, highly skilled engineering talent, and technical training to help Arm Partners and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) integrate Arm Virtual Hardware (AVH) into their service or add support to their product offerings.

Accelerated IoT and AI/ML Software Investments

Skip the wait for physical prototypes and dive into software development with Arm-based processors and systems in the cloud.

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Speed to Market Advantage

Reduce time to market and enhance reliability and safety, while reducing the costs of manual testing.


Freedom from Reliance on Hardware Availability

Scale your engineering efforts regardless of the complexity of your boards or the volume of board derivatives you want to virtualize.


Our Arm Center of Excellence Services and Solutions

Technology Consulting

Judge provides technology consulting and testing to enhance your projects and increase productivity.

  • Embedded design and development
  • Full stack IoT development
  • FuSa engineering services
  • Application development
    • Full Stack IoT, AI/ML, Smart City, 5G, CI/CD
  • Testing services

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Technical Talent

With a growing database of over 8 million candidates, a global talent network, and over 500 IT recruiting specialists, Judge delivers diverse, highly skilled engineering talent specialized in:

  • AVH and Arm IP
  • MLOps Workflows
  • Firmware design and development
  • Hardware design and engineering
  • Functional Safety
  • Security and Risk
  • Application development in AI/ML, IoT, and AR/VR
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Technical Training

Equip your development teams with the skills to successfully build, implement, and employ AVH and various Arm IPs across markets and applications. Judge can help your team gain practical insights and hands-on experience with a diverse portfolio of technical training designed and delivered by industry experts in AVH and Arm IPs (Cortex-A, Cortex-R, Cortex-M, Mali GPUs).

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Our Industry Expertise

Aerospace and Defense

With deep roots in the aerospace and defense sector, our recruiters can help you discover the highly skilled, technically proficient talent that can propel your business into the future.

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We focus on process improvement and optimization to help you stay ahead in the highly competitive automotive industry.

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Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance

From global institutions to fintech disruptors, we serve organizations across the BFSI landscape.

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We offer clinical and non-clinical solutions for major players in the heavily regulated and constantly changing healthcare sector.

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Life Sciences

We have a robust network of life sciences and biopharmaceutical resources to help you overcome common barriers to industry innovation.

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Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Our talent, training, and technology experts have in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain space.

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Processor IP providers and chip manufacturers rely on Judge to help fill hiring gaps, secure specific semiconductor expertise, enhance talent strategies, and more. 

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Technology and Communications

With a firm grasp on the disruptive technologies shaping the industry, we serve a range of tech and telecom companies across the globe.

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