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Solving the Sales CRM Adoption Problem with Judge and Veeva CRM MyInsights

Getting your sales team to fully adopt a new CRM can sometimes feel like pulling teeth. Salespeople are notoriously habitual and sometimes reluctant to adopt new technologies. The reasons for this are varied, but typically it is because they don’t see a reason to change something that isn’t broken. They know what’s worked for them in the past, so why change it? There’s also a learning curve to fully understand the new technology and how to make it work the way they want it, when they want it. This is where Judge and Veeva CRM MyInsights come in.

Veeva CRM MyInsights

Veeva CRM MyInsights is an extension within the popular Veeva CRM that offers a way for data already stored in the CRM to be quickly and easily visualized in a dashboard. Typically, sales teams need to aggregate data from multiple sources – applications, software, spreadsheets, etc.

With MyInsights, all this information is gathered within a single application and is updated in real-time. It comes with several prefabricated visualizations and one very important function: the ability to create custom frameworks to meet client’s specific business needs using HTML5 within the application.

Judge saw this feature and realized the opportunity before us: to solve the user adoption issue. We developed a custom framework to deliver just-in-time training to sales teams utilizing existing learning content.

Veeva 001.png

Now if a salesperson doesn’t know, or remember, how to use a certain feature, they can access short, targeted training showing them how to perform that specific action. Better yet, they won’t need to leave the screen they’re on, let alone the app, to access this content. This shortens the learning curve and makes the CRM much more accessible and valuable to salespeople.

Veeva 002.png

Now instead of this scenario:

  • Salesperson goes out for a meeting
  • They open up Veeva CRM and can’t remember how to bring up an account profile
  • They go “bah!” and close the app
  • Unable to utilize the CRM as they want, they continue with their usual way of doing things
  • The meeting goes moderately well, and the salesperson doesn’t see why they should switch up their formula
  • The salesperson never bothers with your expensive CRM again

You get this scenario:

  • Salesperson goes out for a sales meeting
  • They open up Veeva CRM and can’t remember how to bring up an account profile
  • They tap an icon within the app, bringing up a short video explaining how to open a prospect profile
  • They access valuable information about the prospect before the meeting
  • The meeting is a success, and the salesperson sees value in using Veeva CRM
  • They explore more of the functionality and continue to use it for future meetings
  • You get a big hug and an edible arrangement shortly thereafter

By providing just-in-time training to salespeople within the Veeva CRM MyInsights tool, two barriers to user adoption have been cleared. More confident in their ability to use the tool, salespeople become more likely to use it. And as soon as they get that first success with it, they’ll continue to use it moving forward.

With Veeva CRM MyInsights and the just-in-time training framework Judge developed within the app, companies can now have a Veeva CRM implementation that fosters its own adoption.

To learn more about this Veeva CRM solution and other ways Judge (a Level 4 Veeva Certified Partner) is able to customize the Veeva experience contact the Judge Consulting team.