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The Importance of Using L&D Recruiters for Your L&D Staffing

When determining which staffing agency to use for Learning and Development (L&D) staffing, you may think the background and knowledge of the recruiters are unimportant. We are here to tell you when it comes to L&D, background and knowledge are critically important – in fact, the success of the placements may depend wholly on whether the recruiter has experience in L&D.

Deciding on which agency to partner with for your L&D staffing should be based on the knowledge of the recruiters and whether they can effectively find candidates that fulfill your organization’s needs.

Vetting L&D Candidates is Nuanced

Learning and Development is a specialized function that requires experience to be fully versed in how to successfully develop L&D for employees and employers. Therefore, if the recruiter you use doesn’t have L&D experience, they most likely won’t ask the right questions or be able to gauge the candidate’s experience to properly vet candidates. As a result, a laundry list of unqualified candidates may come your way.

There are many types of L&D professionals, each having different skill sets – learning strategists, instructional designers, eLearning developers, graphic designers, and project managers to name a few. Therefore, it is critical to understand the complexity of the skills required to properly place L&D candidates. Candidates-turned-employees who do not have the proper knowledge or skills will produce less work and of lower quality. Less knowledge and training leads to a lower level of performance, resulting in less profit. This type of work often leads to errors, quality issues, and time lost repeating activities.

Proper vetting for effective placements

While different positions in L&D require specific skill sets, some positions require a completely different approach than normal. For instance, managing L&D projects takes a special kind of project management – and therefore a different type of project manager who understands the development process which is different from IT or other professions. In other words, your recruiter can’t simply look for project managers, but must look for project managers with experience in L&D.

Therefore, the vetting process for L&D positions must be approached differently than for other positions. The process for vetting L&D professionals should be far more in-depth, and include reviewing candidates’ work portfolios (e.g., eLearning they’ve created, projects they’ve managed) to understand what L&D projects they have worked on and what their abilities in the area are. There are many different types of L&D projects and placements that require different experiences for specific project types. Recruiters well versed in L&D understand these various projects and therefore can place candidates accordingly.

Judge Learning Solutions L&D staffing for success

Sourcing quality candidates for L&D positions is complex; half art and half science.

Judge Learning Solutions’ recruiters focus specifically on L&D positions and have decades of experience vetting and placing candidates for our clients. This specialization means our recruiters get to know the candidates they are placing on a deeper level – fully understanding their previous experience and how their skills would translate to the position and the client’s needs.

If you want to hire the right talent to train your teams, contact a dedicated Judge Learning Solutions recruiter today at