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The Digital Transformation Journey of a Fortune 500 Airline’s Employee Recognition System

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Executive Summary

A decade-long tradition of recognizing employees led a Fortune 500 airline to overhaul its employee recognition system, shifting from a POC system to an updated AWS-hosted microsite. Judge Consulting was enlisted to modernize and create a personalized ecosystem for passengers to recognize exceptional employees, and to empower all passengers to provide swift and precise reviews of their flight experiences.

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The Challenge: Overhauling Outdated Systems for a Better Customer and Employee Experience

The company has a longstanding tradition of rewarding employees with monetary incentives and “Job Well Done” certificates. While these rewards hold high value, the organization recognized the necessity of modernizing its employee recognition system to make it more digitally accessible and to improve adoption. The content and user experience designs were outdated and failed to align with their objectives of establishing a quick, user-friendly, and easily accessible review process. The critical need for a secure, streamlined, and efficient recognition system underscored the challenges posed by ever-changing schedules and employee privacy.

The Solution: Designing and Developing and New Digital Approach to Employee Recognition

In collaboration with the client’s Digital Consumer Experience team, Judge Consulting (JCG)was engaged to better understand the current state of the program, the challenges of the customer-facing application, and the overall goals to provide an enhanced employee recognition and authentication system. The primary objective was to establish a new, personalized ecosystem facilitating customer recognition of outstanding employees, starting with flight attendants, and seamlessly expanding to include pilots and additional crew members. Recognizing the safety and privacy of each employee, JCG seamlessly incorporated an alternative identification solution, crucial for maintaining the anonymity essential for employee protection. Additionally, innovative solutions were implemented to navigate the ever-changing schedules of crew members, ensuring that every review reached the appropriate employee despite dynamic scheduling challenges.

In steering the project to success, Judge Consulting took an active role in achieving a quick, user-friendly, and easily accessible recognition review process. The significant contributions included:

  • Introducing the latest content enhancements to facilitate the appropriate placement of reviews with each employee.
  • Enhancing UX/UI designs, resulting in an easy and efficient survey experience for passengers, accessible via mobile devices.
  • Integrating APIs and developing a user interface for user and employee authentication.
  • Utilizing an AI-filtering process and program to ensure offensive, vulgar, and unethical content is not published.

Throughout the project, rigorous quality reviews and checkpoints were conducted, preserving the integrity of the existing “Job Well Done” rewards.

The Result: Raising the Bar for Employee Recognition and Setting a New Standard for Authentication Standard

From building a new AWS-hosted microsite to modernizing content and the user experience, Judge Consulting aimed at elevating the customer experience and employee recognition within the airline. This initiative empowered passengers to review their flight experiences, including their interactions with flight attendants, pilots, and crew members. Judge Consulting’s strategic solutions not only met the company’s objectives but also set a new standard for efficient and effective employee recognition throughout the organization. Judge Consulting’s solution not only revolutionized the passenger review authentication process within the company but also had a significant influence on the daily operations of the airline. This included enhancements to online forms, the airline’s mobile app, and passengers’ ability to access their profile and airline information. This technology, spearheaded by Judge Consulting, has become the pivotal and exclusive means of user authentication for this distinguished Fortune 500 Airline.