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Strategic Roadmapping and Delivery for Major Software Migration

Executive Summary

A Japanese multinational pharmaceutical company sought strategic roadmapping and delivery consulting services for a software migration planned for one of its United States facilities.

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The Challenge: Strategizing the best approach to migration

The company’s Minnesota facility required a Windows XP/7 assessment and a strategy for its future migration to Windows 10. With the location’s systems operating on different software, each system required analysis and a strategy to determine the right path to migrate to the same software.

The Solution: Perform system analyses to determine migration plan

The company partnered with its trusted long-time IT consulting vendor, Judge Consulting Group (JCG), a division of The Judge Group. JCG implemented a Windows XP/7 assessment and developed a strategic roadmap from the assessment results for the systems’ future migration to Windows 10. JCG technology solutions specialists then performed an intense application and system-focused assessment, including interviewing application and system owners to determine requirements for the hardware upgrades for each system. As part of the strategic migration roadmapping, JCG performed an implementation gap analysis and provided a project plan to ensure successful upgrade planning and execution.

The Resolution: A strategically planned and implemented migration across the facility

Judge Consulting created an individualized upgrade migration plan that outlined each step of the process. This plan included the delivery of a detailed run book with JCG’s gap analysis findings and a roadmap for all requirements per application per system, and a suggested timeline for the upgrade of each individual application. JCG also contributed change management expertise to help ensure the preparedness of all the facility’s employees. Lastly, JCG scheduled individual upgrades to migrate systems gradually. This successful approach lessened the learning curve for employees and helped to maintain employee morale throughout the migration.