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Supporting Global BioPharma Leader's Organizational Change Management Efforts

Executive Summary

A global biopharmaceutical leader in therapies for orphan diseases and underserved conditions in hematology, immunology, and oncology was being spun off from its parent company to form a new standalone entity. With 17,000 employees and products in more than 100 countries, the company turned to Judge to help with organizational change management (OCM) capabilities for over 26 systems during the transition.

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The Challenge: Managing multiple change efforts across many systems

The company needed to separate itself from all co-mingled or shared systems. Every system needed to be re-implemented or replaced with each bringing a measure of complexity, ambiguity, and resistance. The various system vendors provided most of the implementation support, including some training, but they did not have or provide change management capabilities. With upwards of 26 systems needing to change over or be implemented, the client needed resources in multiple locations and turned to Judge Learning Solutions (JLS) to manage the process and provide the necessary expertise.

The Solution: Source high-quality, experienced change management, communications, and training support professionals

JLS met with key stakeholders to get a holistic view of the current structure and culture of the organization as well as the transitioning teams and systems. After gaining a better understanding of the situation, the client asked JLS to initially source several professionals to work on one new system implementation. Availability, organizational and professional fit, and pricing were key elements necessary to provide the right resources for the position.

The Result: High-quality, experienced resources in the right locations

Utilizing its vast network of professionals, JLS provided OCM resources at the right time and right price to immediately contribute to the organization’s change management efforts. In fact, the first contract resource placed with the client is now working directly with Judge to source additional positions.

With access to the right talent in multiple geographic locations, JLS was viewed as the supplier of choice for organizational change management professionals. Based on the successful first implementation, JLS has placed several resources across other implementations and worked with the client to provide resources for most, if not all, of the full 26 system implementation projects.