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Casey Quaglia

Director of Operations

Casey Quaglia is a highly experienced staffing professional with over a decade of industry expertise. He is renowned for his exceptional ability to help companies grow and succeed, having helped two previous staffing companies more than double their revenue. 

Casey’s journey into staffing began after a short professional running career when he joined Aerotek, where he quickly discovered his passion for staffing. During his time at Aerotek, he achieved numerous accolades, winning multiple presidents clubs and distinguishing himself as a standout performer. 

With his vast industry knowledge and expertise, Casey went on to co-create a Vendor Management System (VMS) for physician staffing that was eventually sold to a venture capitalist. He is also known for his strong commitment to Diversity and Inclusion and currently serves on the board of Talent Inclusion Engagement and Diversity in Denver. 

In addition to his professional achievements, Casey is also a dedicated volunteer coach for Denver Youth Sports. He is excited about the opportunity to take on the role of Director of Denver and lead Judge to new heights, bringing his expertise and passion for staffing to the forefront of the office’s growth and success.