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5 Advantages of Contract Staffing

The post-COVID job market is experiencing a talent shortage problem and recruiters are scrambling to find solutions.

As hiring departments know all too well, it takes time and money to find talented candidates; especially ones that are a strong fit for company culture. Raising the stakes even more, hiring the wrong candidate can negatively impact the team, customers and frankly, the entire business.

Because of this, many companies are turning to a time-tested solution: contract staffing. So why should a company consider contract staffing.

Here are 5 reasons.

1. Larger Talent Pools

Time and effort are required to vet and interview all potential candidates matching a job description. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee all that effort will pay off. This is where a contract staffing agency can be extremely helpful. Contract staffing agencies are constantly expanding the size of their talent pool. By tapping into their large, pre-vetted talent roster, it’s more easy to find individuals and teams of highly qualified candidates.

2. Access to Skilled Talent

A new assignment or project might require specific skills that your team does not currently possess. Contract staffing agencies have relationships with experts across a wide range of specialties, capable of closing skill gaps. You can hire a contract worker for skilled positions including but not limited to subject matter experts (SMEs), consultants, and directors/managers.

3. Satisfy Short Term Business Needs

Bringing on contracted employees can eliminate the time investment required to fully onboard and train new company hires. This can be a great way to respond to market needs quickly, or fill seasonal roles. Skilled contract staff don’t require the same time or energy investment; a tangible benefit over hiring full-time staff.

4. Decreased Business Liability

Contract staffing can be used to minimize and reduce business liabilities such as unemployment, workers compensation, and other benefits. Unlike full time employees, contract positions often don’t require full benefits. By cutting down on some of these investments, companies can save precious time, effort, and money.

5. Greater Focus on Internal Staff

More often than not, the talent you’re looking for is already on a contract staffing agency’s roster. By hiring contract workers, you can free up the time normally dedicated to the hiring process, and turn your attention towards your current full-time workers.

By eliminating significant overhead and reducing the time needed to post job advertisements, recruit candidates, interview applicants, and onboard new hires, you will free up valuable time for more complex, internal tasks.

Conclusion: 5 Advantages of Contract Staffing

Contract staffing can be a great way to fill urgent roles, skill gaps, and short term positions. Testing the waters on a specific project (or seasonal labor) might be just what your company needs.

And don’t forget that not all contract hires need be temporary! If a contract employee looks like a great fit for your team and company culture, you can always offer to extend the contract or even make a full-time offer.

For more information or help on contract staffing click here.

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