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Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Bridge the Digital Divide, Build a More Resilient Supply Network

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Modern manufacturers face a growing list of challenges, from supply chain instability and ongoing disruption to labor shortages and skills gaps. Digital transformation is reshaping the way companies in the chemical, industrial, equipment, automotive, and textile industries operate, which means they must adapt their processes and adopt new technologies or risk losing revenue and the war for talent.

The Judge Group partners with leaders across the manufacturing space. With a range of resources and industry professionals at our fingertips, The Judge Group has what you need to scale your workforce, train your staff, and capitalize on technology integration, data management, automation, IoT, and Agile ways of working that enhance efficiency.

Why Judge?

We’ve worked alongside the largest manufacturing companies in the U.S. and beyond for over 52 years making us one of the top manufacturing staffing agencies in the United States. We understand the roadblocks to success — and can help you overcome them. Our talent, technology, and supply chain resources span the globe, allowing you to reap the benefits of a completely interconnected manufacturing ecosystem.

End-to-End Manufacturing and Supply Chain Solutions

Whether your goal is to boost operational efficiency, scale your workforce, or improve the product experience, Judge has a full suite of manufacturing and supply chain solutions, delivered holistically, that can be scaled up or down to accomplish your goals.


Integrative Tools and Technologies

We are technology-agnostic and can deploy several tools or platforms that best suit your manufacturing organization’s needs. With the proper system implementations and upgrades, you can master robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and other leading technologies that will improve scalability and drive ROI.


Transformative Supply Chain Consulting

Global supply chains are more unpredictable now than ever before, placing a huge burden on manufacturers reliant on these networks to sustain production and remain profitable. Judge understands manufacturing and supply chain management issues and can supply the resources you need to stay up and running.


Our Manufacturing & Supply Chain Solutions

Manufacturing IT Solutions

Manufacturing has been transformed in recent years by emerging technologies and digital disruptors. At Judge, we understand that implementing these tools and training your staff to use them is a massive undertaking requiring time and resources you may not have. We provide IT solutions for manufacturing companies of all sizes, from small and midsize businesses to enterprise manufacturing companies, helping to roll out new systems that enable you to make data-backed decisions and glean insights to improve the customer experience. Judge’s consultants have the technical and functional knowledge to stand up to any technology, including cloud-based applications, ERP software, and automation and analytics solutions.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Staffing

The labor shortage and skills gap hit the manufacturing sector hard, leaving producers in multiple industries with empty factories and reduced revenue. Judge draws from a large pool of candidates across senior management, sales and marketing, human resources, IT, and finance that have deep industry expertise and practical experience. We provide professionals who sit at all levels of manufacturing businesses, including those harnessing the possibilities of today’s disruptive technologies (RPA, IoT, AI, ML, and big data), to leaders who instill your vision and drive company initiatives. Whether you need functional technicians, plant managers, engineers, quality assurance managers, R&D directors, product developers, CAD designers, or a C-level executive for direct hire, temporary, or temp-to-perm positions, we’ve got your manufacturing staffing needs covered.

Learning Solutions

The manufacturing industry is complex, and with the integration of new digital tools and technologies, the landscape doesn’t look like it used to. Manual processes are being phased out in favor of cloud-based solutions, resulting in workforce skills and training gaps. We address both the IT and non-IT training your team needs to best perform and can deliver these learning and development programs in several different formats and modalities. Judge offers digital learning asset creation, traditional instructor-led training (ILT), or virtual instructor-led training (VILT), building and deploying of teams of instructors, and staffing solutions related to learning and consulting.

Custom Mobile Training Application

A distributor of the world’s top luxury wine, spirits, and beer brands turned to Judge Learning Solutions for help designing a custom learning solution for over 2,000 commercial drivers tasked with using a new application to meet the requirements of the Federal Electronic Mandate system.

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Custom Training for Manufacturing Company's Simultaneous Software Applications Adoptions

An American manufacturing company providing silica sand products and solutions for manufacturing, building, industrial, and recreational use needed training designed and implemented for three company-wide proprietary software application adoptions.

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Standardizing a Major Home Improvement Company's Operations

In order to centralize their supply chain, a major home improvement company organized a system of distribution centers, but lacked efficient and standardized operational procedures.

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What is a Supply Chain Manager? | Popular Jobs Explained

Supply chain managers are responsible for overseeing company inventory and vendor operations. A successful supply chain manager will likely have a business degree, coding skills, deep knowledge of supply chain processes, and vendor relations experience. Industries they work in include automotive, beauty, healthcare, and more.

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eLearning Course Development to Standardize Client's Customer Service Practices

A multinational bakery manufacturing company looking to invest in a more standardized, modern training program for its frontline employees faced a tight deadline.

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