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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Work

Valentine’s Day is a day of love, chocolate, and heartfelt gifts. But how do we celebrate the holiday at work without being unprofessional?

Valentine’s Day in the office is a great opportunity for casual festivity. Celebrate with your team and spread a little cheer but steer clear of excessive hearts and flowers. Instead, focus on creating an atmosphere of celebration, care, and positive work culture.

Here are some work-appropriate workplace Valentine’s Day ideas.

Throw a Healthy Heart Event

Want to show you truly care about employees this Valentine’s Day? Use the heart metaphor to create a challenge! Health at the workplace should be a top priority. Why not provide lunch and turn the Valentine’s Day heart theme into a caring, educational session? Bring in a professional (in-person or virtually) to speak about cardiac facts, smart living habits, and good nutrition decisions. Sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day isn’t exactly a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, hearing tips from a professional can give you the push you need to make necessary changes. Better yet, consider a workplace health challenge.

Spread the Love by Volunteering

Giving back always brings positive vibes! Your employees can vote for charities of their choice to raise funds for a good cause or choose a program that closely aligns with your company’s mission. More interested in hands-on volunteering? Go in person as a group. Charitable work, walkathons, and bake sales are all options!

Valentine’s Bingo

Who doesn’t like to win prizes? Bingo can be played in-person or over a video call, making it possible no matter how your business is operating. Plan ahead and gather some fun (and useful) prizes your team members would enjoy. Simply hand out or email bingo cards, and let the games begin!

Clear the Heart and Mind with Group Meditation

All of us need time to take a few deep breaths and clear our minds. Group meditation is another great team activity for Valentine’s Day at work. If your budget allows it, bring in an in-person or virtual meditation instructor during a lunch break. The instructor can teach the office about mindfulness and meditation, as tools to deal with high stress situations. Learn more about Judge’s award-winning Workplace Mindfulness Training here.

Happy (Heart) Hour

All you need for a great happy hour are a few drinks and the knowledge that the workday is over. Catch up over cocktails and decompress! If your office is operating remotely, throw in some virtual mixology classes and show everyone how to make world famous drinks.

Conclusion: How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Work

Remember: this may be a day of love and hearts but try to keep the romance outside the office. Instead, focus on building camaraderie within your team and celebrating the people who make your business possible.