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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Work

Your employees bring their hearts to work and appreciating them for that is no doubt an expression of love. Therefore, it’s only natural to show employee appreciation on the holiday synonymous with hearts. Following are some work-appropriate ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day at work.  

Host a heart-healthy event

Health in the workplace is important and Valentine’s Day is a great time to emphasize heart health. Consider hosting a themed breakfast or lunch with heart-healthy options. This can be a catered event or potluck where everyone is encouraged to share recipes. You may even consider bringing in a speaker to educate your employees on cardiac health, stress management, and nutrition. 

Spread some love with a fundraiser

Choose a cause that aligns with your company’s mission and encourage your employees to open their hearts (and wallets) by fundraising for a worthy cause. Arrange a bake sale, raffle, or other fun fundraiser and spread the positive energy that comes with helping others.  

Play Valentine’s Bingo

Bingo is a fun and easy game that can be played in person or virtually, making it possible for everyone to participate. Gather some fun prizes your employees would enjoy, distribute bingo cards, and let the games begin.  

Create a team-building experience

Encourage your employees or colleagues to “share the love” by literally sharing what they love about their job or the company. Provide pink and red hearts to write on and a “love board” or create something that everyone can access online.

Open hearts and minds with group mindfulness

Meditation has been linked to lower heart rates and blood pressure, which may lower our risk of heart disease. Show your employees you care about their physical and mental well-being by bringing in an in-person or virtual meditation instructor to instruct a wellness session. Learn more about our award-winning Workplace Mindfulness Training here.

While many employers choose to ignore Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of work-appropriate ways to celebrate the day and show some employee appreciation.