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Judge Takes Creative and Marketing Staffing by Storm – Providing exceptional talent and building careers one placement at a time

Judge has recently invested more heavily in marketing and creative staffing because our clients are looking for this type of staffing, and our candidates are asking for help finding these types of positions. By hiring industry veteran Nancy Burr last year, Judge seeks to provide excellent candidates to our clients to fill any marketing or creative needs they may have, as quickly and efficiently as possible. While high turnover is the nature of marketing and creative roles, it does not hinder growth or scalability for our clients, thanks to our deep pool of skilled candidates. In fact, this is what differentiates us from our competition and supports our excellence in this industry. 

“It’s all about providing an exceptional talent experience.” – Nancy Burr 

Nancy, a hands-on leader with a background in both the corporate and agency side of advertising and marketing businesses, believes that the only way to provide exceptional talent to our clients is to go above and beyond for our candidates. She speaks to the “genuine support and thoughtful placement” of candidates to not only help grow their careers but also to provide our clients with candidates that will flourish in the position and add meaningful value to the company.   

Contract-based employment is beneficial for clients and candidates 

Positions in marketing and creative staffing tend to be contract positions, especially with the current economic climate post-pandemic. While this may scare some candidates off and worry others, Nancy knows the best way for talent to grow their professional worth and skills is to embrace the contract-based industry landscape. Because of this deeply held belief, Nancy has spent the past year developing a team of recruiters who share this belief and seek to provide candidates with the feedback, advice, and personal interaction they need to be successful.  

Unlike some agencies that simply want to get candidates placed, Nancy’s team helps candidates update and improve their websites/portfolios to appeal to clients, provides feedback on interview skills, and continues to check in on candidates throughout their placement. Her team also conducts monthly reviews with clients and candidates to ensure placements are working in everyone’s favor.  

As each placement comes to an end, candidates are never left wondering what’s next for them. Nancy prides herself on having an industry-leading conversion rate – though she notes that the economic climate plays a huge role in whether clients can hire contract workers into full-time roles. If a conversion is not possible, Nancy’s team takes the candidate’s new skills and experience and factors those in when finding a new placement. By doing so, Judge’s clients benefit from a continuous pool of top-notch creative talent who can grow their careers and knowledge through their contracts. 

Extensive industry expertise adds value every step of the way 

As an industry veteran, Nancy knows what the marketing and creative staffing industry looks like. She surrounds herself with equally knowledgeable recruiters, many with specialties in specific aspects of the industry. With tools at her disposal including a large network, referral program, LinkedIn, Indeed, and portfolio-based sites, Nancy and her team know what positions are most popular at any given time, what the market rate is for a role or candidate, and how best to support successful placements.  

Promising rates above market value is an easy way to ensure candidates are never placed, while undervaluing skills and knowledge leads to discontent and uncommitted candidates. Nancy has learned to balance this by using her knowledge and resources to make candidates and clients aware of market values for specific roles. She believes when each party is on the same page from the beginning, more successful placements are made, and both sides are equally committed to success.  

When candidates are committed, clients receive valuable skills and knowledge. And when candidates know the clients value them, they are far more likely to remain with an agency and continue to be placed in positions that help them grow their careers. 

Judge, a soon-to-be marketing and creative industry leader 

While already the 13th largest IT Staffing Firm in the U.S., Judge’s investment in marketing and creative staffing points to its desire to grow in other areas as well. Our IT staffing business has been so successful because we value a personalized touch and creating relationships with our clients and candidates. Nancy and her team share the same values and are taking marketing and creative by storm as a result.  

Ready for Judge to help design your marketing dream team to advance your business? Click here to learn more and to contact Nancy and her team.  

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