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Pharmaceutical Company Safeguards its Operations by Performing a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Assessment

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Executive Summary

A prominent pharmaceutical company was gearing up for an ambitious expansion into new geographic locations. To ensure that their operations were protected in the face of potential disruptions, the company recognized the need for a comprehensive Resiliency Assessment. This assessment would primarily address the organization’s expansion.

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The Challenge: Meeting Regulatory Demands and Expansion Challenge

With stringent requirements for business continuity, product quality, and data security, pharmaceutical companies operate in an environment where even the slightest disruption can have far-reaching consequences. By embarking on its ambitious expansion into new locations, the need for a robust Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (DR/BC) strategy became paramount. The company’s foresight in recognizing the amplified risk associated with expansion underscored their dedication to safeguarding their operations and maintaining the highest standards of excellence in a field where patient safety and regulatory compliance are of utmost importance

The Solution: Building Resilience from Infrastructure to Applications

Covering all aspects from infrastructure to applications, Judge Consulting conducted a comprehensive resiliency-focused assessment. This thorough analysis served as the foundation for the development of a strategic roadmap and project plan, essential for ensuring maximum uptime across the entire organization. By assessing the current state of applications and infrastructure, Judge aimed to pinpoint vulnerabilities, make informed recommendations, and create a structured plan that will guide the organization towards achieving site-wide resiliency.

The infrastructural assessment began with a comprehensive review of on-premises infrastructure, ensuring that the existing setup was thoroughly evaluated for its efficiency and reliability. The network setup was scrutinized, emphasizing security, and reliability to guarantee seamless operations. The evaluation encompassed server and SAN environments, desktop systems, multifunctional equipment, and an in-depth exploration of existing disaster recovery and retention policies

Additionally, a detailed analysis of the application front involving a comprehensive review of applications and services and all associated systems was conducted. Existing resiliency options, testing procedures, and planning strategies were closely examined, and the assessment included a review of existing Business Impact Analysis (BIA) documents and Application Recovery rankings. By addressing these multifaceted elements, the project sought to lay a solid foundation for a robust and resilient business continuity strategy

“Judge’s assessment uncovered vulnerabilities in the existing infrastructure and applications, allowing the client to address these weak points”

The Result: A Comprehensive Assessment Shapes Organizational Resilience

By examining both infrastructure and applications, the organization gained a holistic perspective on its resiliency status. The strategic roadmap and project plan, established from this deep analysis, emerged as invaluable tools for achieving company-wide resilience. Judge’s assessment uncovered vulnerabilities in the existing infrastructure and applications, allowing the client to address these weak points. The recommendations by the Judge Consulting team resulted in a series of informed decisions, empowering the organization to make targeted investments. The organization now has a structured framework guiding them towards enhanced business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities.