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Upgrading In-Person and Broadcasted Town Hall Capabilities for Better Internal Corporate Communications

Room of employees attending virtual town hall

Executive Summary

A prominent national association with over 60 million members faced communication challenges during internal, live, “town hall” broadcasts to 45,000 employees globally. Issues with video quality, slow network speeds, and remote access prompted the organization to partner with Judge Consulting for a quick and effective system update and network overhaul.

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The Challenge: Implementing a Robust Solution for Improved Internal Communications

Regular internal “town halls” were crucial for the organization to connect with its large employee base. However, they encountered issues like blurry video, slow internet, and difficulties accessing the broadcasts remotely. These issues impacted in-person presentations as well as simultaneous broadcasts to other corporate locations and remote workers. Despite previous attempts by other vendors, the problems persisted, hindering communication with employees in different locations. With a critical broadcast approaching, the organization recognized the need for a reliable and comprehensive solution.

The Solution: A Trusted Partner to Improve Broadcast Sites for Network Efficiency and Performance.

Judge Consulting assembled a team of experts to assess the broadcast sites in Wilmington, DE, and Cincinnati, OH. Judge clearly understood the challenges by analyzing past recordings and consulting with key stakeholders. They proposed a robust solution that included upgrading network circuits, optimizing video standardization, fixing software bugs, and enhancing network speeds. Implementing the NDI bridge and setting up split tunneling further improved network efficiency. Meraki Firewalls were installed to manage data traffic better.

The Result: Seamless Communication and Stronger Connections for Internal “Town Halls.”

The collaboration between the organization and Judge Consulting yielded impressive results. After thorough testing, the following broadcast was smooth, with all previous issues resolved. The network overhaul fixed existing problems and prepared the organization for future enhancements. The improved infrastructure now ensures seamless communication during internal “town halls,” strengthening connections with employees at other locations and