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Wireless Transformation for Pharma Giant’s New “Headquarters of the Future”

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Executive Summary

A global pharmaceutical leader was set to occupy eleven floors in a 66-floor architectural marvel situated in New York City. This state-of-the-art global headquarters deemed the “Building of the Future,” featured unique architectural elements and innovative workspaces requiring a cutting-edge wireless infrastructure to support their operations, with a particular emphasis on IoT integrations.

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The Challenge: Blending Operational Needs with Unique Building Requirements for a Forward-Leaning Wireless Solution

The challenge involved navigating the intricacies of this architectural marvel set to host the client’s operations across all eleven floors. The advanced design introduced complexities in deploying a wireless infrastructure that seamlessly covered indoor and outdoor spaces. Adding complication to this ambitious plan was the designation of all floors as “wireless only,” necessitating a delicate balance between exclusivity and comprehensive coverage.

The extensive integration of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, including a custom way-finding application, lighting controls, window shades, restrooms, and safety measures, posed challenges related to potential interference and congestion within the wireless network. Security concerns were amplified because critical operations relied heavily on wireless infrastructure. Scalability, security, and futureproofing became imperative to accommodate evolving operational needs and technological advancements.

The Solution: Navigating Architectural Intricacies and Critical Organizational Requirements for a Wireless Transformation

To address the intricate architectural challenges, Judge Consulting provided a wireless connectivity solution that employed an innovative suite of services. Leveraging advanced predictive access point modeling, the strategy anticipated signal propagation challenges within the unique spaces, guiding optimal access point placement for comprehensive coverage. The subsequent wireless site survey refined these models, ensuring real-time data collection and adjustments for optimal signal strength and minimal interference. Judge conducted an end-user assessment, prioritizing the diverse needs of the workforce guaranteeing a tailored wireless infrastructure. Striking the right balance between advanced IoT functionalities and ensuring a reliable end-user experience was paramount to the success of this transformation.

The assisted implementation services brought a team of experts to execute the deployment and proactively address any unforeseen challenges. The deployment of Managed Wireless LAN ensured continuous monitoring, optimization, and comprehensive issue resolutions. Upon completion, Judge performed a post-installation site survey to validate the effectiveness of the deployed solution, allowing for fine-tuning and adjustments to optimize coverage and overall network reliability.

The Result: Seamless Connectivity Provided by Judge Consulting’s Wireless Solution at the New Headquarters

Judge Consulting’s innovative wireless connectivity solution has yielded remarkable results. Leveraging both advanced predictive access point modeling and onsite design for exact access point placement, the strategy effectively anticipated and addressed signal propagation challenges. This provided the optimal placement of access points for extensive coverage across unique indoor and outdoor spaces. Judge’s solution provided complete cover for the over 650,000 square foot space spread across eleven floors. The coverage addressed the full needs of the buildings IoT functionality as well as the 2,500 employees and C-suite executives. Judge Consulting’s wireless connectivity solution not only met but exceeded expectations, aligning seamlessly with the architectural intricacies of the new headquarters.