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Reduce risk and secure your organization’s digital future with our IT expertise

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As businesses grow more reliant on cloud computing, IoT, and other evolving technologies, cyber criminals are finding new and inventive ways to exploit them. This creates risk for all stakeholders, including companies and their staff, customers, and partners. That’s why The Judge Group provides IT security recruitment, training, and technology solutions designed to help organizations navigate this complex landscape with confidence. We offer everything you need to maintain a safe digital environment, including highly skilled cybersecurity professionals, advanced technology solutions, and next-level learning and development strategies.

Why Judge?

From risk assessment and vulnerability management to security awareness training and technology consulting, we can help you improve your organization’s IT security posture. As a trusted cybersecurity staffing agency, not only can we help you find top-tier talent for your organization, but we can also provide learning and development solutions to keep your existing workforce sharp on the latest threats and best practices.

Industry-Agnostic Expertise

Judge’s IT security consultants, recruiters, and learning experts have extensive experience executing large, complex IT projects for businesses across industries, including Fortune 100 enterprises, up-and-coming startups, and everything in between.


Emphasis on Upskilling and Reskilling

We recognize that reducing security risk is an ongoing process, and staying ahead of the curve requires continuous learning and development. Judge provides training and development strategies that will help keep your staff up-to-date on the latest threats, trends, and best practices in IT security and risk management.

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Deep Pool of Cybersecurity Experts

Judge has access to over 90,000 active and passive cybersecurity professionals through our proprietary applicant tracking system (EDGE).

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Our IT Security Services and Solutions

Subject Matter Expertise

Whether you’re looking for your next IT leader or temporary security support, we have extensive experience placing top-tier talent, including cybersecurity analysts, risk managers, and compliance officers. Our IT cybersecurity recruiters staff a range of highly-sought roles, such as:

  • Business Security Analyst
  • Cloud Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Security Engineer
  • Data Protection Analyst
  • Security Process Manager
  • Network Administrator
  • IAM Architect

Subject Matter Expertise

Learning Solutions

Our training programs help you protect your organization against cyber threats, safeguard sensitive data, meet compliance requirements, and bridge the cybersecurity skills gap. From technical upskilling and reskilling to professional development training, our programs cover everything, including:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Configuration Management
  • Data Access
  • Network Administration
  • Security
  • Test Automation

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IT Consulting Solutions

Judge’s IT security consultants specialize in a wide array of technology and cybersecurity areas, from disaster recovery to threat intelligence, ensuring your organization is protected from every angle. With our in-depth knowledge of security architecture, incident response, and beyond, you can rest easy knowing that we have you covered.

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