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Software and web development projects have grown increasingly sophisticated, making them difficult for teams to adopt and integrate into existing systems. A scarcity of skilled professionals, increased security risks, and the exponential growth of digital solutions exacerbate the challenges businesses face. To overcome these obstacles, The Judge Group provides tools, consultative guidance, and highly-skilled professionals equipped to address all phases of the software development life cycle. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of platforms, including enterprise-level web-based, client-server, and mainframe applications.

Why Judge?

As a trusted software developer recruitment agency, we provide top-tier technical talent, cutting-edge solutions, and holistic training programs in every domain from DevOps and cloud computing to programming languages and software development methodologies.

Advanced Software and Web Development Expertise

Our software development recruiters, consultants, and technologists immerse themselves in various niches of the software and web development space so you can focus on your core business functions — while we take care of the rest.


Versatile Training and Coaching Programs

We can train, reskill, and upskill your staff to drive increased productivity, speed, security, and innovation. Our live, expert-led sessions are relevant, accessible, and designed with your business goals in mind.

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Proprietary Applicant Tracking System (EDGE)

Judge has access to thousands of proficient software and web development professionals through our proprietary Applicant Tracking System (EDGE), and can fill roles on a contract, contract-to-hire, and direct placement basis.

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Our Software and Web Development Services and Solutions

Subject Matter Expertise

Judge’s talent network covers every discipline and skill set needed for all phases of the software development life cycle, from analysis and design to application development and integration. Our web and software developer recruiters place candidates in some of the most sought-after roles, including:

  • Front- and Back-End Developer
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • IU/UX Designer
  • Database Administrator

Learning Solutions

We offer a full suite of cloud and AWS learning solutions to support a host of needs, including storage; security, identity, and compliance; networking and content delivery; management and governance; and end-user computing. Our team can also train your workforce to enhance specific software and web development skills and program knowledge, such as:

  • Apache Kafka
  • Docker
  • Microservices Architecture
  • Dreamweaver
  • HTML5
  • jQuery
  • Transformational Leadership

IT Consulting Solutions

When you’re not in the market for new talent or learning and development, we’ve got you covered. Judge’s team of resident IT consultants can work side-by-side with your teams to build a web and software development strategy designed to deliver defined business outcomes, on an organization-wide or project-specific basis.

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