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What Do New Employees Want from Their Jobs? (2022)

Let’s start with what we already know: it can be difficult to find and keep exceptional employees.

Complicating matters, expectations and work culture are changing by the day, especially given the characteristics of a new generation of employees. And let’s face it, the pandemic has only made things harder. So how can you get a leg up on the competition?

In order to figure out what employees want from their job, it’s necessary to do your research and listen to what employees want out of a workplace. Here’s a cheat sheet for what employees want from their jobs as 2022 approaches.

Provide continuous feedback, mentorship, and training

Your employees want to know where they stand. What are they doing well in? What can they improve upon? Help them polish their skills with continuous training offerings, and be sure to communicate clear expectations. Another way to help new hires assimilate is by creating a mentorship program. These can create healthier work environments with a more cohesive undertone - offering significant benefits to both mentors and mentees.

Consistent communication

Ahh, effective employee communication. The CEO’s dream. The truth is, one of the biggest problems employees have with supervisors and managers is a lack of clear communication. It isn’t easy work, but try to create a culture of open communication by reminding your leadership team to check-in with employees on a daily basis, and setting expectations for consistent communication. This will provide an open forum for employees to express if they are unhappy before deciding to leave the company. Set these standards early, and keep going by consistently reminding employees of its importance.

A clear onboarding process

It all starts with onboarding. Don’t rush the onboarding process and throw new employees into the pool! Take time to provide a clear schedule and well-organized documents, as well as efficient access to items, equipment, and upcoming training materials. Make sure your team reaches out to new employees to make them feel welcome. Starting on a positive note will keep your new employee’s expectations and work habits at their highest. If your company is still providing virtual onboarding, click here for some helpful tips on how to create a sense of team belonging in a virtual environment.

A positive organizational culture

Feeling happy at work matters for both short-term and long-term employment. As 2022 approaches, organizational culture is one of the most talked about topics among new employees. And constantly improving upon organizational culture can do wonders for maintaining work satisfaction.

Find out what values your team members share. How do these values match with your organizations short-term and long-term goals? Organizational culture should be visible and practiced in your everyday life, on your social media, during coffee breaks, and even in stressful situations. Take it seriously! Here are some helpful tips for establishing a positive organizational culture.

Conclusion: What Do New Employees Want from Their Jobs? (2022)

Now that you know what employees want out of their jobs in 2022, take a hard look at your organization. Ask yourself - are your workers happy? Do you have an edge on the competition when it comes to future recruits? Keeping your employees happy and productive takes daily work, but doing it right is the key to helping you find and keep top talent.

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