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Change is the only constant. Each change is a step towards transformation.

The Judge Consulting Group's approach applies value-based strategy, capability-driven planning, delivery and operational excellence to drive successful outcomes f​rom complex transformation initiatives.

We work across organizations to design and transform enterprises, business units, and operating models.


We can help you get there with leadership, foresight, and expertise by:

Critically evaluating, executing, and realizing your business strategies

Growing and scaling your strategy to do more with less and drive functional excellence

Creating a differentiated, holistic strategy that takes into account both external and internal context

Leveraging JCG’s Platinum level SME’s that bring extensive industry, IT, and Business Transformation experience to you and your organization.

Assessments and Roadmaps

We apply a data-driven, value-based approach - optimizing your organizational objectives and constraints by:

Defining your optimal path forward and getting down to facts and figures

Using objective problem solving, quantitative analysis, and analytical business modeling

Identify the gaps and provide solution options to close them

Blueprinting the path and help you communicate how the plan will achieve the strategy

Conduct detailed analysis of ‘current state’ process and technology, identify gaps, and recommend optimal solutions; while not interrupting the current work streams that your FTE’s are executing against

Program Management

We bring accountability and ownership – with a holistic, coordinated focus on results aligned with business needs. Our approach is always tailored: we match our consulting talent to your technology landscape, industry, culture, and processes, and we assure that projects are realistically structured and solutions efficiently deployed base on your business needs. Judge's business architects and analysts solve th​e right problems and assure buy-in and cooperation from all stakeholders.

Our PMO team manages solution delivery. Judge project management experts are PMI and Agile Certified and have extensive industry experience in healthcare, financial, retail, construction and government/public services. We use industry-standard tools and enable tight integration with development and lifecycle management software. We believe in Agile software development approaches and can help you leverage Agile/Scrum efficiencies.

Process and Performance Management

We integrate performance management from the Office of the CFO out across the enterprise.

Finance Transformation

Performance Measurement

Corporate Performance Management

Process Optimization

Profitability Analysis

Agile, Lean, and related process adoption

IT and PMO organizational design

Operational Excellence

We help you establish the operational capabilities to deliver more consistent and reliable results than the competition.

Institutionalize a comprehensive approach to continuous improvement

Define a capability-building roadmap

Drive a permanent shift in leadership engagement

Uncover operational issues, quantify the opportunity, and recommend the right lever to pull to make lasting change

Workforce Transformation

We are both team players and coaches who lead and execute change with you – establishing a shared vision and ensuring your people have the knowledge, tools, and support they need to succeed.

Organization risk and readiness assessments

Process and technology adoption

Workforce transitions

Stakeholder management and strategic communication

AGILE Enablement

To help you effectively manage projects from inception to closure we provide critical tools, templates and processes. The components of our Agile delivery framework include:

Agile Values

Key drivers behind the use of Agile/Scrum, conveyed via training, coaching, and mentoring

Agile Principles

Key activities of an Agile project from inception to closure

Agile Tools

Documents, deliverables and artifacts that support Agile projects from inception to closure. Our framework enables you to connect all the dots of an Agile development project.

For more information on the work Judge Learning is doing in the Agile space click here.

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