instructor-led training

Real-time interactions, in-depth information sharing, and direct responses to questions make instructor-led training one of the most powerful ways to convey new knowledge.

Judge's instructors are highly-rated, certified and experienced in tailoring learning content to specific workforce needs. We offer an extensive selection of information technology and professional development options, either on a standalone basis, or as part of a blended solution.


Interactive, Engaging, Sustainable Classroom Training​​

Judge provides sustainable solutions—not just one-time training events. We take time to understand your business requirements and the performance results you're after, then tailor a solution to fit learners' needs. Content is always presented in the context of the work environment. The result?  Swift skill-transfer to the workplace and, ultimately, increased return on investment.

Skill-builders for Technology​​

Whether you need to develop systems engineers, software developers, database administrators, or end users, Judge can develop a training strategy that will increase productivity, reduce costs and streamline work flow. View our Technical Course list

Enterprise-wide Professional Development Solutions

Globalization, emerging markets, multi-generational workforces, and the explosive growth of mobile employees and consumers are forcing companies to reassess workforce skill requirements. We understand onboarding, attrition, retention, succession planning, and strategic workforce planning and offer enterprise-wide professional development solutions to support all of your talent-development initiatives. View our Professional Development Course List

Flexible Deli​​very Options

Instruction can be delivered at your workplace, off-site or in virtual training classrooms.  An unlimited number of learners can connect to virtual classrooms from anywhere across the globe. By eliminating the need for learning facilities and travel, virtual training reduces costs and increases organizational reach and productivity.

​Our Learning Solutions t​​eam is constantly adding to our information technology and professional development courses. ​