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Instructor-Led Training

Judge Learning Solutions (JLS) has over 30 years of experience delivering instructor-led training for organizations of all sizes across all industries. Over the course of time, JLS has compiled a database of the best technical and professional development instructors in the industry. This allows JLS to provide a wide variety of courses with specific industry experience our clients require. Some of our more popular deliveries include Agile/Scrum, Machine Learning, DevOps, Cloud, Security, Big Data, Programming Languages (Java, Python, Perl), as well as Leadership, Project Management, Sales, and Communication Skills.

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Course List
Professional Development

Instructor-Led Training Services

information technology

Information Technology

Our network of highly-rated, certified professional trainers is poised to meet your specific business and learner needs, with the ability to deliver in an onsite, offsite, or virtual training classroom. Whether you need to develop systems engineers, software developers, database administrators, or end users, we will develop a training strategy that increases productivity, reduces costs, and streamlines work flow.

  • Agile/Scrum
  • Big Data
  • Machine Learning
  • DevOps (Kubernetes, Kafka, Chef, TDD, Puppet)
  • Cloud
  • Security
  • Programming Languages (Java, Python, Perl), JIRA, and IoT.

Professional Development Course List

professional development

Professional Development

We believe in creating business advantages through people. There are many challenges in maintaining optimization within an organization. Whether these challenges are associated to attrition, retention, succession planning, strategic workforce planning, or onboarding, we understand and offer enterprise-wide Professional Development solutions to support your talent management and organizational development initiatives.

  • Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Sales
  • Team Building
  • Presentation and Writing Skills
  • Personal Growth
  • Time Management.


classroom training options

Instructor Led Training Options

Judge Learning believes in providing interactive, engaging, sustainable solutions, and hands-on training events. Therefore, we take the time and partner with our clients to completely understand their business requirements and desired performance results. This partnership allows us to create a custom solution specific to the needs of the learners, providing content that is relevant and contextual to the learner’s work environment. This value-added approach fosters the transfer of skills to the workplace and ultimately increases our clients’ return on investment. ILT solutions can be facilitated onsite, through our virtual training classrooms (VTC), or a blended solution.

Judge Learning offers additional blended solutions that we can offer if “in the classroom” or “virtual” options don’t fit exact requirements. Please ask us what options we have that can work for you.

What’s the Benefit of Instructor-led Training?

Professional Instruction – Our team of instructor-led training professionals are highly rated certified trainers and subject matter experts in their fields. They are real people with experience and expertise who are knowledgeable and accessible whether the course is in-person instructor-led learning, virtual instructor-led (VILT), or part of blended solution.

Customization – We take the time to consult and collaborate with our clients to completely understand their business requirements and desired performance results. We customize a solution based on this information and the specific needs of learners, providing content that is relevant and presented in the context of the learner’s work environment.

Accessibility – We offer virtual Instructor-led training solutions (VILT) that bring the classroom to your team no matter the location anywhere around the globe. This allows organizations to control costs like travel & physical classrooms, increase productivity through decreased time commitments, and widen organizational reach, making it more accessible to many learners.

Engagement – Our team of training professionals deliver real-time instruction to classes allowing in-person and virtual learners the opportunity to interact and engage with the trainers. Participants are able to ask questions, get direct responses, interact with other students, and participate in in-depth information sharing.

Delivering Results – Through our approach and customization of courses, we understand the businesses desired outcomes and deliver to those goals. Our courses are results-driven using a combination of measuring progress, gathering analytics, gathering & providing feedback, and evaluating learner engagement.

Instructor-led training and virtual instructor-led training allows the learner to actively engage with their instructor providing opportunity to ask direct questions and receive valuable feedback from subject matter experts. It also allows learners to interact with fellow students and others across the organization with similar business challenges.

Instructor-led training is any kind of learning that is being driven by a certified professional training either in a classroom, office, in-person, or virtual learning environment. Courses vary in size and may have multiple modules and instructors and be delivered across a variety of methods including lectures, open discussions, interactive demonstrations, and video.

Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) is learning that is delivered virtually through an online classroom, virtual environment, or other means where learners are not in the same physical location as the instructor and in some cases, the other students. While the topics and method of delivery vary, VILT is designed to provide the learners with a simulated classroom environment and the feel of in-person learning.

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