organizational change management

Judge Learning Solutions' organizational change management (OCM) practice specializes in providing comprehensive solutions to Fortune 1000 organizations.

Through our OCM processes, we work with our clients to identify and apply a successful change management plan.  We combine our expertise in corporate training and organizational change management to apply a holistic approach to user adoption.  Starting with a stakeholder analysis, a change management engagement first seeks to understand the overall goal of the implementation.  With that as a foundation, and by assessing the "change readiness" of the organization, a good change management effort creates a fully integrated communica​tion strategy coupled with a comprehensive training strategy.  Because not all user groups are the same, we may use different learning approaches to ensure overall user adoption.  Most audiences want to understand the purpose of the change, how it affects ​their daily lives, and what benefits from the change they can expect to see.  All of this is communicated up front, so by the time the training occurs, the target audience is eager to learn more.

Our process includes the following activities and deliverables:

  • Creation of OCM standards, methodology, and templates/tools
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Change Readiness surveys and analysis
  • Integrated communication and internal marketing plan to increase end-user awareness and readiness
  • Training strategy and plan – to support rollout and implementation
  • Execution of both communication and training plans
  • Change effectiveness assessments

Let us support your next major initiative by using one of Judge's professional OCM consultants.