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Organizational Change Management Resources

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Organizational change management (OCM) is the process of helping people and organizations adapt to change. It is a critical component of any successful change initiative, and it can help to mitigate the risks and challenges associated with change. Whether you’re navigating a simple transition or embarking on an enterprise-wide transformation, Judge’s OCM solutions help manage any and all aspects of your change journey.

Agents of Change: How CIOs Can Drive Successful and Lasting Transformation

Today’s technology executives are at the forefront of change in the corporate landscape. Artificial intelligence advancements, remote and hybrid working models, increased cybersecurity threats, adoption of cloud computing, and other factors mean that IT leaders must anticipate and implement…

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Finding the Capacity and Capability for Change

In our personal and professional lives, we are often asked if we have the capacity to have tough conversations or to take on a new project at work. We reflect about whether we are capable of having those conversations…

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From Chaos to Clarity: Tackling Complexity in Organizational Change

Organizational change can be hard, which is why there are so many quotes, approaches, and (let’s face it) cliches about it. In our blog, The Four Cs to Consider When Selecting an Organizational Change Management Partner…

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The Four Cs to Consider When Selecting an Organizational Change Management Partner

Here at The Judge Group, we know that organizational change management (OCM), while a catalyst for growth and opportunity, can be disruptive and complex to manage for every person, process, and piece of technology involved. We have worked extensively…

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Organizational Change Management in 2023 and Beyond: Types of Change and How to Manage Them

How many different types of organizational change are there? Like the viral phenomenon, “the dress,” where people around the globe reported seeing a blue and black or white and gold dress — it depends on who you ask.

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Managing Successful Mergers & Acquisitions: A guide to preparing for and overcoming the technology costs and complications that arise during BFSI M&As

The banking and finance industry is experiencing a shift towards technology and digital solutions, leading to the emergence of disruptive fintech competitors. These fintech competitors are situating themselves for acquisition and/or partnerships with mid-size and regional lenders. Traditional lenders seek…

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3 Common Challenges Change Management Professionals Face With Executive Sponsors (and How to Overcome Them)

Change management professionals know that executive sponsorship can make or break a transformation effort. Even if you have an enthusiastic executive sponsor on board, your efforts can still sputter and stall if they're not the right executive for the job. Here are three common challenges change management professionals face with executive sponsors and how to overcome them.

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Strategies to Help Unlock Organizational Change Management Budget Constraints

35% of business transformation and change management professionals say their most pressing concern this year is "budget constraints" If budget is your biggest hurdle, it can seem insurmountable: Either you have the money, or you don't. But there are strategies to make use of the budget you have to continue moving forward.

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Energy Provider Seeks Organizational Change Management for Internal Communication Software Migration

A leading Fortune 100 competitive energy provider with multiple locations and divisions began piloting Microsoft Teams for calls, chats, and meetings in preparation for the eventual decommissioning of its current business communications platform.

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Enterprise Learning Solutions for Successful EMR System Conversion

After acquiring a new hospital, a leading network of health care providers in the Southern New Jersey region needed to convert its new facility to the Siemens Soarian Clinicals electronic medical records (EMR) system. The company enlisted the help of Judge Learning Solutions to assist with the conversion.

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The Keys to Successful Organizational Change: Understanding the Cost of OCM

Exploring the cost of Organizational Change Management and how much budget should be set aside for OCM.

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The Keys to Successful Organizational Change: OCM Consultants Drive Positive ROI

When looking at any organizational change plan, anticipated return on investment (ROI) is a key factor in choosing to implement a change or not. In this blog, we look at the ROI on OCM consultants and how they can help with your next change.

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The Keys to Successful Organizational Change: Engaging an OCM Consultant

Of all the challenges the pandemic has brought since 2020, changes in the way we do business have been significant. Whether that means preparing for a hybrid or 100% remote workforce, updating systems to support a remote workforce, or other structural realignments, change is upon us. In this blog we are looking at why engaging a change management consultant is helpful in preparing for change.

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Supporting Global BioPharma Leader's Organizational Change Management Efforts

A global biopharmaceutical leader in therapies for orphan diseases and underserved conditions in hematology, immunology, and oncology was being spun off from its parent company to form a new standalone entity. With 17,000 employees and products in more than 100 countries, the company turned to Judge to help with organizational change management (OCM) capabilities for over 26 systems during the transition.

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Organizational Change Management Case Study: Enterprise Communications Platform

A Fortune 100 company required organizational change management to address the challenges of implementing Microsoft Teams in preparation for the eventual decommissioning of their current business communications platform.

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Learning & Change Management to Support EMR Implementation

A major teaching hospital required a comprehensive learning and change management program to remain on a tight schedule following the implementation of customized electronic medical records (EMR) software across their facilities. However, their education department was not equipped to plan and manage the training on such a short timeline.

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Organizational Change Management Case Study: A Large Energy Company

A large energy company with multiple locations and divisions needed organizational change management support for a wide-ranging set of initiatives. These initiatives varied in length, complexity, and resource requirements. The company partnered with Judge Learning Solutions, a division of The Judge Group.

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