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Offshore Software Development Center

The Judge Group established an offshore development center near the capital of India in Noida to support the 24-7 IT consulting and managed offshore development services needs of our global clients.

If you are looking to scale your offshore development service, ensure consistently high performance, cut down your release cycles, and launch applications faster to market, please connect with our expert staff. We will help you to set up a dedicated, offshore development team that caters to the niche technology needs of your business.

Offshore Software Development Center Services

web development services

Web Development Services

Customers want personalized and tailored experiences, and most brands or organizations struggle to achieve it. We help our clients to build tailored solutions that not only provide a great user experience but are scalable and reliable. Additionally, we have managed several complex legacy application migration projects that involved process and technology modernization. Our offshore software development team has experience in different industries and use cases uniquely positions us to help meet the needs of our clients.

Organizations must keep up with changing development trends, and at the same time, the product should satisfy the needs of security, ease of use to stability, and offline functionality. We help your organization to get speed, motion UI, automated interactions, voice interfaces, and progressive web apps (PWAs).

We work with clients that want to migrate from mainframe and traditional infrastructures to modern framework. We can also help implement new applications or integrate legacy applications. We create integration platforms and solutions in the best environment to support our clients with digital transformation.

We have extensive experience in building B2B and B2C marketplaces. We can help you with multi-store development, CMS Integrations, third-party API integrations, consumer insights, and migrating to another platform.

We can help you build an enterprise content management system to facilitate content creation, content control, editing, enable content search, and streamline workflow tasks

We provide seamless third-party integrations with web and mobile applications. We support analytics platforms, payment processing, online merchandising, imaging & 3D visualization tools, and more.

We help to ensure that your website is kept up to date with the latest functionality, content, and security patches. These features help our clients attract new visitors, boost search engine rankings, and satisfy existing customers.



Our offshore software developers have extensive experience with creating native or hybrid mobile applications that integrate with business processes to deliver greater customer engagement and better workplace productivity through our intuitive apps. We recommend that our clients utilize a mobile-first strategy to enable digital transformation; fostering efficiency, collaboration, and business enablement.

We help you strategize to enhance customer engagement, productivity, and actionable insights to drive business growth. Our resources will help with user persona research, market analysis, identifying KPIs, engagement strategy, and marketing strategy.

We help you build innovative and quality mobile applications for brand reinforcement, accessibility, increasing visibility, seamless scheduling, and more. We support both iOS and Android hybrid, native, augmented reality, beacon, blockchain, and wearable app development.

We assess the frameworks and architectures that support different requirements such as smart learning environments.

We measure user interaction with your app and metrics such as app installs, taps, app launches, events, screens, app versions, user retention, flows, and funnel analysis.

We support clients that are looking to improve current mobile applications or who want to port their existing app to a new platform, OS, or language.

We ensure that all mobile applications meet the security requirements and expected operating parameters. We do the mobile code and application assessment, mobile device architecture security, and mirror the process and techniques of a real-world attacker.

testing services

Testing Services

Judge India provides extensive testing solutions that reduce the risk of application or system failure and allow the seamless and consistent performance of your applications. Our offshore team supports the digital transformation journeys of next-generation enterprises and ISV. We utilize the best tools, methodologies, our testing center of excellence, and world-class testing labs to deliver the best results.

The Judge Group provides advisory services to organizations that want to meet the requirements of both staff and customers consistently. We have offered quantifiable results that resulted in a reduction in development and maintenance costs.

To achieve flexibility and speed to market, companies are adopting DevOps principles and agile methods. We provide agile testing, DevOps testing, service utilization, and test data management.

We utilize different quality assurance testing services that cover every use case, code analysis, and comprehensive regression testing for any disruptions in the operating environment. We provide functional, compatibility, automation, performance, regression, and security testing.

Judge India uses an automation framework that’s flexible in order to ensure that we can meet clients’ future requirements and deliver immediate benefit. We provide artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and RPA testing.

Judge India’s digital assurance solution helps our client’s multifaceted needs in digital transformation, including web portals, digital assets, web content, digital marketing, and the complete ecosystem - which includes cloud, mobility, connected devices, and big data. We use our expertise and our agility approach to deliver customer satisfaction. We provide mobile testing, digital assurance & testing, game testing, big data, and analytics testing.

Judge India will help set up your testing center of excellence. We work diligently to define the roadmap and structure for testing CoE to realize your vision. Our experts work closely to provide an environment that shares assets and has full traceability.

data analytics

Data Analytics

It is important for companies to rely on digital analytics when making business decisions. We can assist you in the collection, verification and analysis of data insights to help your company make smarter, faster, and better decisions.

Judge India’s next-generation analytics services help spot patterns, connections, and relationships to provide meaningful insights that help you better understand your customers.

Judge India helps clients to achieve their big data, strategic objectives. We define select tools and set up appropriate objectives that align with the client’s goals, preferences, and the current technology landscape.

We can present business data in a clear, concise, and visual manner that allows you to interpret it more easily.

Judge India helps clients make better decisions based on insights from data, managerial, and social science. Our decision intelligence services help you with the uncertainty of complex, ambiguous, and interrelated business decisions.

Judge India helps you to get the right information sooner. We help companies build business strategies and incorporate self-service & mobile capabilities through a thorough analysis of historic and current data insights.

We help businesses with a data analytics strategy, enterprise performance management, AI-enabled analytics, data management & governance, and data lake strategy & implementation.

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing

Modern technologies have transformed how consumers interact with brands, explore products and services, and make buying decisions. The Judge Group’s offshore developers work with companies to optimize their websites in order to attract new prospects, generate revenue, and collect leads.

Judge India’s search engine optimization services help build, manage, and improve your website in order to boost the ranking of your pages on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

The pay per click services from The Judge Group helps businesses with the optimization of ads online. We monitor campaigns to eliminate poorly optimized ads and expensive keywords.

In today’s business landscape your customers are expecting you to have a social media presence. Our social media marketing experts help you define the best social media strategy to generate sales and leads.

Content plays a crucial role in optimizing your website for search engine rankings. Our digital experts help you segment you audiences, perform keyword research, and create compelling content to optimize your site and campaigns.

Mobile devices have led to a significant shift in marketing tactics. Our mobile marketing services help you stay ahead of competitors by delivering value to your customers. We can help you with all aspects of mobile marketing.

The web analytics services from The Judge Group help you to understand user interactions on your website. This data will help you to customize user experience to increase clicks, sales, and conversions.

IT Staff Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation

We have helped many companies over the years with IT talent on niche skills. We provide T&M or SoW talent delivery models that allow companies to scale their team easily and mobilize quickly. You can hire a flexible team that is available and productive throughout the year.

We cater to 130+ technologies from our delivery center based in Noida. We can help you to scale quickly within time constraints and provide you with a team of experienced developers. Reach out to us for developers who specialize in Java, Node.JS, Python, iOS, Android, Reach.JS, MERN, tensor flow, big data, blockchain, AI/ML, Watson, and more.

We have a strong team of automation engineers and manual test engineers to help you build quality products. We provide functional testing, performance testing, security testing, regression testing, DevOps testing, blockchain testing, and more from our testing labs.

Our managed service offerings provide your company with a custom-built solution to help you save time and money. We develop and deploy strategic planning and documentation to provide project clarity and certainty.

What are the Benefits of an Offshore Development Center?

The Judge Group’s Offshore Development Center provides clients with a cost-effective way to get projects done quickly and correctly. Through offshore development, you can scale up your team with additional resources and infrastructure without cost incurring the hiring and equipment costs yourself. Our offshore team is fluent in 120 different technologies, allowing you to scale your technology teams as needed. Our offshore development center frees your team to focus on core business activities and ultimately deliver a better experience to your customers.




Offshore development centers provide businesses with access to technical expertise while maintaining a reasonable cost structure. They are used to quickly scale development teams on-demand, freeing up the core staff to focus on critical business initiatives.

Offshore development occurs when an organization partners with an IT services company to provide specific technical development services. These development centers are based in foreign countries. They perform development for websites, mobile app development, product development, cloud solutions, and more.

Offshoring refers to work being done in a different country to take advantage of cost-savings opportunities. Outsourcing is when a 3rd party is contracted to perform the work. It is possible to outsource work, but not offshore it as well as offshore work but not outsource it.

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