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5 Tips for Returning to Work in the Age of COVID-19

With states starting to lift their stay-at-home orders, businesses are starting to reopen and bring their workforce back to the office. If you've been working from home for an extended period of time, you're probably used to a new routine. It's important for employees who are returning to the office to start prepping themselves. Here are a few tips (click the image to see the full-sized version):

There is going to be an adjustment period when you get back to the office. Not only are you switching from your stay-at-home routine, but there will likely be new rules in-place at the office.

In the weeks leading up to your office return, ask you manager for details on any new policies or procedures. This might include staggered arrival times or needing to have a temperature screen performed prior to entering the building. There might also be restrictions on the use of conference rooms or new requirements for wiping down shared areas or personal desks. Knowing these changes in advance will help you better acclimate when you return.

Another tip is you should practice your new in-office routine at home the week before you go back in. This means doing everything you would as though you were going into the office: prepping lunch the night before, waking up earlier, dressing as though you're going to the office, etc.

The more you can mentally and physically prepare for your return to the office, the smoother the transition will be.

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