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We recognize that success for most businesses is all about identifying, engaging, and securing the most qualified talent to hire. Judge Direct Placement has a team of dedicated recruiting professionals who have strong established relationships with the top talent across the nation. Judge’s recruiting methodology, experience, national footprint of 30+ offices, and proprietary database of 7 million candidates allows us to deliver consistent, efficient, and accurate talent matches for your unique staffing needs. Having earned multiple awards in client and talent satisfaction, it is always our goal to earn your trust and become your direct placement talent provider of choice.

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Direct Placement & Search Services

Operations Leadership

Operations Leadership

Leaders in operations are the most valuable assets an organization can have. At Judge Direct Placement, we speak with thousands of leaders per month across a variety of industries. We know what those key deliverables are and understand that finding the right leader that “fits” makes all the difference when making a direct hire.

Maintenance engineering

Maintenance & Engineering

Advancements in engineering and technology are happening by the hour, so identifying and acquiring talent in those areas has never been more competitive. The recruiting staff at Judge Direct Placement have the experience to understand what you’re searching for in potential candidates and the industry knowledge to find them. We are accustomed to direct hiring talent within all different fields of engineers and all levels of engineering leadership.

supply chain logistics

Supply Chain & Logistics

Each supply chain / logistics search is unique because each client’s needs are unique. At Judge Direct Placement, our supply chain recruiters take the time to understand exactly what you’re searching for in a direct hire candidate and use our network to identify the talent quickly. From individual contributors to process and program leaders, our supply chain recruiters are ready to make the connections.

Human resources

Human Resources

Human resources has grown to become an intricate part of every organization. Top notch professionals in this area can help define an organization’s culture and drive true change. Over the years, Judge Direct Placement has come to know these individuals as accomplished professionals and valued business partners. When your organization is in need of leadership in the human resources field, we know where to find the best of the best to hire HR talent directly.

Accounting controllership

Accounting & Controllership

Navigating the intricacies of staffing in the finance and controllership industry can be challenging, to say the least. At Judge Direct Placement, we direct hire many of these talented individuals for our clients each year. Our recruiting staff is trained to hone-in on the necessary skills and experience you’re looking for in your next accounting staff hire.

Sales marketing

Sales & Marketing

Talent, creativity, training, and experience: these are all critical attributes to look for when identifying talent for direct hire within the sales and marketing sector. Our team at Judge Direct Placement has been wired in tightly to these segments for several decades. When we finish speaking with you about your search, we’ll know just who to call.

Senior Level Searches

Senior Level Searches

Today's senior-level leaders are yesterday’s hiring managers and candidates. We know them, and we’ve grown with them for decades. At Judge Direct Placement, we maintain close relationships with our past and current clients (candidates and companies alike). For more than 50 years, we’ve been keeping up with leaders across many industries and following their careers. When you’re in need of senior leadership in any area, ask us who we know. We can supply a slate of candidates quickly and confidentially, a widely appreciated benefit of direct hire staffing.


Information Technology

Technology is present in everything we do. It's a constant driving factor in operational changes and efficiencies. We have a great depth of knowledge and experience in the IT industry and are well-equipped to identify any level of professional to hire direct, confidently knowing which will meet your organization's needs.

Quality safety

Quality & Safety

The quality and safety of goods produced by a manufacturer sits atop everyone’s priority list. At Judge Direct Placement, we understand how important it is to you to find the right individual that you can trust in your manufacturing business. Our network of professionals helps us identify candidates with proven track records in the area of quality and safety for manufacturings’ unique staffing needs.

Available Direct Hire Staffing Options

This is a common model for mid-tier direct hire needs when a staffing firm is engaged in a direct hire search. The staffing firm identifies, engages, assesses, and presents top talent to the client. In this model a fee is only charged when a successful placement has been made.

Retained Executive Search at the Judge Group is handled by Slayton Search Partners. Click here for more information.

This model is a hybrid of retained and contingent searches and is a customizable approach. A nominal up-front engagement fee is agreed upon with a second and final balance of the fee delivered once a successful candidate has been placed.


What are the Benefits of Direct Hire Staffing?

At Judge, we work hard every day to place thousands of industry professionals to best suit our clients needs. With over 50 years of experience, we are well-versed in placing employees in the areas of Information Technology, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Engineering, Supply Chain, and Sales / Marketing roles. The benefits of direct hire staffing with Judge include:

  1. Large Candidate Network – Judge has 7+ million candidates in its database, and we are talking to active and passive candidates across the country every day.
  2. Technology – Our proprietary Applicant Tracking System (ATS) utilizes AI and machine learning to match top candidates with open jobs in seconds.
  3. Expertise – Each of our direct placement recruiters are immersed in a single business sector, allowing them to focus on the changing trends within an industry and to master each search they engage in.
  4. Flexibility – Our direct placement services can be utilized in a contingent search model or a retained search model.


Direct hire staffing is a hiring practice where companies engage a third-party staffing agency to recruit, source, vet, screen, process, and fill needs for full-time employees. These full-time or permanent positions consist of the employees going directly onto the hiring company’s payroll and come with the benefits provided by the company.

Direct placement, also known as direct hire, consists of companies working with a third-party staffing firm to fill full-time positions. There are several models of direct hire engagements that allow for flexibility around commitment and costs when looking to work with a direct-hire staffing agency. Those direct-hire include contingent search, retained search, and a hybrid approach of contained search.

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